Episode 29: Music May Be the Most Powerful Weapon of Them All

This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast…

Zack starts with News …or just talks about Macross the whole time. Air (10:33) really wants you to read Astra Lost in Space.

Then it’s time for New Release Tuesday (17:27):

Then we dive into the latest Simulcasts (32:07): All Out!!, Naruto (Shikamaru’s filler was really good!), Gintama, Interviews with Monster Girls, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Iron-Blooded Orphans, Dragon Ball Super, Blue Exorcist, Tiger Mask W, elDLIVE, Yowapeda, Nanbaka, Hand Shakers, ACCA, and Onihei.

We finish things up with this week’s Shonen Jump (1:33:00).

Thanks for listening and we hope to see you next week!

Episode 28: I Just Want to Chew on Someone

This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast…

We get right into it with a HUGE New Release Tuesday:

Then we cover the latest Winter Simulcasts: All Out!! (sporty), Super Lovers (gay), Masamune-kun’s Revenge (dropped), Blue Exorcist, Saga of Tanya the Evil (evil), Show Genroku Rakugo Shinju (omgwhatcanyouevensayitisamazing), Interviews with Monster Girls (who knew foot sweat was so endearing), ACCA (boys bond over toast), Gabriel Dropout (dropped), Hand Shakers (we dared Zack to love it), Tiger Mask W (oh my god!), Onihei (manly), Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (controversial translation choices!), Naruto (this latest filler is actually pretty good), Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans (*tears*), elDlive (it was all a misunderstanding), Gintama (GINTAMA), Nanbaka, Marginal #4 (marginal), and Dragon Ball Super (Goku’s an idiot).

We round things out with this week’s Shonen Jump and the new Jump Start: We Never Learn!

And seriously, we never learn–we start with Jump and get totally off topic and end up talking about how great Black Lagoon is.