Episode 25: So My Type

This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast we start with birthday wishes for Zack and then get right into news about Macross Delta (:29). Air gets into news (1:43) about how phenomenal Kuroko’s Basketball Episode 75.5 is, what’s happening in the Fairy Tail manga, Amazon Prime’s Anime Strike channel, and the controversy surrounding Yuri on Ice and its place in the Crunchyroll Best of 2016 awards.

Then we delve into the latest Winter Simulcasts (16:28)

We cover: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, All Out!!, Blue Exorcist, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Seiren, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, Interview with Monster Girls, Handshakers, ACCA, Onihei, Tiger Mask W, Dragon Ball Super, March Comes in Like a Lion, Gintama, Chiruran 1/2, Gabriel Dropout, and Yowapeda.

It’s a New Release Tuesday! (1:21:20)

Then it’s time to wrap things up with this week’s Shonen Jump! (1:24:59)

Thanks for listening and we hope to see you next week!


Episode 19: Follow the Red Lightning!

This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast…

Zack starts with News (:15) talking about Overwatch and spellcheck. Air chimes in after an emotional episode of Yuri on Ice (3:45) about Baki and new anime hitting crunchyroll like Barakamon before Zack interrupts with news about a new Cobra animation. Air continues with a xxxHolic Rei update and GINTAMA!!!

Then it’s time for Simulcasts (13:38)

It’s a beefy (and pervy!) New Release Tuesday! (1:19:27)

Then it’s time for this week’s Shonen JUMP (1:29:19). Get ready to listen to Zack wail and gnash his teeth about the final chapter of Red Sprite! Thank you for your hard work, Tomohiro Yagi!

Thank YOU for listening and we hope to see you again next week!


Episode 9: Apple Juice


This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast:

We start with News–Zack talks about XCom, Active Raid, and changing his XBox ID (:39). Air covers Drifters, JoJo’s, Eccentric Family, Devil’s Line, elDlive, and the resuming Gintama anime (13:55).

The Fall Season is coming to a close so it’s time for a Simulcast Update! We disucss Berserk (22:37), First Love Monster (29:56), Servamp (32:06), Taboo Tattoo (33:22), Cheer Boys!! (34:52), Naruto Shippuden (35:53), and DAYS (38:45).

Then it’s time for Crunchyroll Manga Updates (40:04). Air keeps trying to make people read Sukedachi 09 then talks about GTO: Paradise Lost and the update to ReLife.


Weekly Tezuka Segment (55:51) featuring MW

New Release Tuesday (1:09:42)

Then it’s time for our Lesser-Known Classic: A Wind Named Amnesia (1:11:44). Next week: Giant Gorg!

And we finish up with this week’s Shonen JUMP (1:30:16).

Thanks for listening and see you next week!