Episode 24: Are You Ready?

This week on the A to Z Anime Podcast…

Zack starts with his News (:20) talking about superhero movies and the magic of 4k. Air breaks it up with a random Yuri on Ice reference (42:08).

Then it’s time for New Release Tuesday! (43:00)

And not really a “new” release but a release worth mentioning:


Bring on the Winter 2017 Simulcasts! (50:23)

Blue Exorcist (51:30); Akiba’s Trip (53:39); Saga of Tanya the Evil (56:49); Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (59:34); Tiger Mask W (1:03:07); March Comes in Like a Lion (1:05:40); All Out!! (1:07:38); Interview with Monster Girls (1:09:02); Spiritpact (1:11:16); Masamune-kun’s Revenge (1:15:04); Dragon Ball Super (1:21:14); Seiren (1:24:55); elDlive (1:30:35); GINTAMA (1:36:45); Chiruran 1/2 (1:38:48); Gabriel Dropout (1:40:31); and Yowapeda (1:41:12).

Then we wrap it up with this week’s Shonen JUMP! (1:44:02)


Thanks for listening and we hope to see you next week!

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